Monday, November 28, 2011

Making A Lot Meaning No Time For Blogging.....

So, like always, it has been a while since I have posted.  I have been really busy sewing a lot.  I am going to try something new.  Instead of individual posts, there will be one post containing ALL the things I have made lately.  Enjoy!!
Let's start at end of July/the beginning of August.  We traveled to Atlanta to watch the Braves play.  I made this dress for Our G.  Pillowcase pattern for the main piece then I added ruffles to the bottom.  On the front of the dress I sewed on a Braves patch and used a tight zig-zag stitch around it to look like it was embroidered on.  I also made her bows out of the same red and blue.  You can kind of see them in her hair.

Next, was another baby shower, this one for a baby girl.  I bought some more onesie's and used some material to add ruffles and deco.  The material was once belonged to the babies great-grandmother.  It made it more special to me, hopefully to the mother also.  One more thing, the baby's name starts with a C.

After this was another outfit for my cousin K's daughter.  Once again, she picked out the fabric she wanted and I put it together.  Instead of doing the straps for the top, this time I made using a pattern I have.  It was the same one I used to make G's Easter dress.  Anyways, made the bodice using the pattern and added the ruffles to the bottom.  Also, instead of the ties on the side, K decided on a button. This was my first ever button and while it wasn't awful, there is room for improvement.   
I put ruffles on the pants that were cut to be capri's and added the crown patch that K picked out. 

The fourth project I did was G's 2nd birthday fiesta.  G LOVES Dora so we I decided to do a Dora/Mexican theme for her party.  I made her invitations using this tutorial. They were Dora's backpack.  I made bunting to hang out of fabric and bias tape.  I also made a little bit of bunting made out of paper.  More fabric bunting was made because it looked better and was larger.  I made a door hanger in the shape of a two covered in buttons (the idea I got from this website).  I also cut some 2's out of paint chips and strung them together but ended up using only one of them above the door.  I also made crayon rolls using the tute from Prudent Baby for party favors (no pics of these). 
The first pic is of Our G and My Love but if you look in the background you can see some of the bunting and the maraca table.  (The flower in G's hair was made using a store bought daisy with a sparkly button for the center; hot glued on a hair clip.)

The fifth item I made was a pillowcase dress for a little girl I go to church with.  Her mother wanted it for homecoming.  Our colors are red and black and she picked out the material and the ribbon.  She bought black, red and silver and wanted them sewn together.  I had never sewed ribbon before but it was easy and came out super cute.  I layed the black on top of the red and the silver on the black.  Sewed them together with a zig-zag stitch which added even more cuteness to it I think.  I made it too big and had to go back and make it smaller but other than that I think she was fairly pleased with it.  The little girl wore it to church and it looked cute on her.  Well, she's a cutie so just about everything looks cute on her but it did to so.  Here are pics of it:

That is all for now.  I have quite a bit more left to post but it was getting to long so more to come soon!!