Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Peasant Blouse @ Prudent Baby

A while back I found another GREAT tute @ Prudent Baby.  Jamie had made her daughter an ADORABLE shirt she called the Peasant Blouse.  I IMMEDIATELY added this to my HUGE list of things I want to make for my girls. 
Jump to the present and the purchase of some ADORABLE ladybug/heart fabric for Our KK.  She LOVES ladybugs, even dressed up as one for Halloween.  I asked her if she wanted me to make her a skirt out of it and she asked me if I could make her a shirt instead.  Of course I can.  I would make anything she asked me to and LOVE the fact that she is involved with the making of her clothes.  However, I have never made a shirt before.  Dresses, check; skirts, check; shirts, ummm, no.  I remembered seeing the peasant blouse though and thought this one looked the easiest and cutest out of all the handmade shirts I had seen.  Add to that the fact that it was Prudent Baby giving the tute and I was all good for making the shirt. 
It was just as simple as I thought it would be. Another blog I "stalk" is Craftiness Is Not Optional.  She also made the Peasant Top except she added a tie at the bottom.   I LOVED this so I did it to KK's also.  This blouse is GREAT and I cannot wait to make more for my girls.  The BEST thing about KK's shirt is that it can double as a dress for Our G.  Got to LOVE that!! 
KK has not been here since her shirt was finished so I have no pics of her modeling it (YET) but here are some pics of the shirt and Our G in it:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making My Own Custom Crayons w/ Prudent Baby

**This post was typed out back on May 5th.  Spell check would not work then and I refuse to post without using spellcheck first.  I then forgot about this post, finding it today.  This is why it talks about Easter. 

It has been awhile since I posted.  After Easter, I became very busy with making Mother's day gifts and things for Our G and KK.  I have noticed that the better I become at sewing/making things, the busier I become.  My "Things I Want To Make" list is forever long so I should be busy for awhile. 

Anyway, awhile back I saw a tutorial on Prudent Baby about how to make your own custom crayons.  Jamie had made some elephant ones for her daughters birthday party and they were AWESOME!!  In April, they posted some last minute Easter basket ideas and one of the ideas on the list was the custom crayons.  I had decided to make all the goodies for our kids baskets and as always, this post inspired me.  What could be better than custom crayons for our girls?  Especially when Our KK loves ladybugs and I just happen to have a ladybug mold!!  It was also GREAT because my cousins daughter L absolutely LOVES butterflies and I had a mold for one of those too!!

In case you do not know, or haven't heard me say before, Prudent Baby has the BEST tutorials.  They are VERY easy to follow.  So, once again, I followed their step by step instructions and VOILA!!, we had custom crayons for G and KK's Easter basket's.  They LOVED them as did L!!!  YAY!!

The molds I used were part of a silicone cupcake pan I had bought from Avon.  I could never get the cupcakes to come out clean so I decided to use it for my mold.  Even if it was ruined it would be okay.  Here is a pic of the mold I used and a pic of some of my crayons:

Another SUCCESS!!  THANK YOU (again) Prudent Baby!!

A Birthday

This past weekend was a friend's daughter's fifth birthday.  This is the first birthday we have had since I started sewing clothes.  I was SO excited about making the little girl something instead of buying something.  I decided to make her a Simple Skirt just like the ones I had made Our G and myself.  I used some red heart material and it came out very cute.  I also made her some Fabric Bows to go with it.  Both the skirt and the bows were wrapped in pink paper and tied up with a strip of the same fabric.  I also made my very first rosette out of the same fabric and hot glued it to the center of the strip.  Here are some pics:

I forgot my camera at home and forgot to take a pic of the wrapped present/rosette before we left.  My Love did take a pic of it with his phone however, his memory card is "unavailable" at  this time.  I will post the pic of it as soon as he makes it "available" to me. 

PS-Imagine my sheer JOY when the little girl wanted to open our present, the "Flower Present" before all the others!!  She even made her momma cut the flower off and said, "I can save this!!"  YAY!!  SO HAPPY she liked it!!

My Love Needing a Cell Phone Pocket

Every summer we go crabbing.  We end up going between two and four times a month until the beginning of November or when the water gets cooler.  It is a FAMILY fun experience and usually yields two crab boils. 
My Love wears old cutoff shorts since it is HOT and messy.  One pair of his shorts has a cell phone pocket on the side and this comes in VERY handy for making sure he has his phone on him and that it is safe and secure.  He recently got a pair of hand-me-down pants from a relative and turned them into to cut-off shorts.  However, they were lacking in the cell phone pocket department.  He asked if I could create him one and I did!! 
I had recently won some fabric of my choice from Fashionable Fabrics via A Quilting Life!!  I chose Calaveras Skulls on Red by Alexander Henry.  We both LOVED this material and when I got it I started on his pocket.  I cut out the size pocket I needed (including seam allowance) from a piece of denim he had cut off of the pants and covered it with the skull material.  Then, I sewed it all on to his shorts where he wanted the pocket to be.  It came out GREAT and he ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!!  This made me extremely happy mainly because I LOVE making him happy but also because I had done an excellent job in his eyes!!  Now, he has a cell phone pocket and he wants me to put a pocket on ALL his shorts and jeans!!  YAY!!  Here are some pics of him modeling the shorts and the pocket:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Procrastination and Happiness

So yes, I DO plan on posting on things I have been making.  I have pics on my camera that have been there for over a couple of days now.  All I need to do is put them on this computer and then do a post.  I have been VERY busy though (just not busy doing posts on here).  So, more post's are coming soon, PROMISE!! 
On a VERY happy note, I must say CONGRATS to our KK!!  She graduated from Pre-K (yes, they actually have a Pre-K graduation) today!!  We were able to spend some time with her after during which she and I had a MOST EXCELLENT conversation.  She told me that, "I was her BEST momma, the BEST she has ever had!!!"  Can you say MELT my heart!?!  I am so SUPER proud to be her Mom!! 
Till my next post, be inspired!! 

WINNING a Silhouette

A Bowl Full Of Lemons is hosting an AWESOME giveaway!!  One BLESSED person will win a Silhouette w/accessories!!  GO ENTER for your chance!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Janey Mac: 5000 Sales!! - Celebrate with a Giveaway!!

Janey Mac: 5000 Sales!! - Celebrate with a Giveaway!!: "Today we reached 5000 sales on etsy!! I just happened to be in our store front and saw it when it was at exactly 5000. We have added some ..."

This is an AWESOME giveaway!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Selling My First Dress

I watch my cousins daughter, L, once a week, sometimes more.  She is precious and I enjoy the time she gets to spend with my family and me.  Being that my cousin, K, comes in my house, she gets to see everything I make.  Which led to her asking me to make a dress for L.  Now me, I do not really think I am good enough to sell a dress.  Just an issue I have with myself but she wanted me to make her one anyways. 
The dress she liked the best that I made G and KK was the "No Pinching" Bandana Dress by Living With Punks.  She has seen the ones I have made and wanted one for L.  (If you look in older posts on my blog you can see all of the ones I have made previously.)  I told her to pick out the bandanas she wanted the dress made out of and I would do it.  She brought them and I made it.  It only took me about two and half hours to do it and it turned out SO ADORBS, especially on her!!  K and her husband LOVED it and the best part is, she knows another mom that wants me to make one for both of her little girls!!  I am in such a state of shock that, 1. I sold a dress, 2. It was good enough to get more business and 3. Did I mention I sold something I made!!!  WOOHOO!!  THANK YOU K!!  Doing the Happy Dance, doing the Happy Dance!! 
I also used this tute to make her a bow to match.  She requested I make another one though so she can wear her hair in pigtails. 
THANK YOU so much to Living With Punks for doing such a GREAT tute that has brought so much happiness to my life in the form of cute dresses for my daughters and others!! 
With no further ado, here are pics of the dress and bows:

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Mammaw and The Simple Skirt by Dana @ MADE

In the previous post I told you how my Mammaw had been telling me about making skirts and how SUPER easy it was.  This inspired me to try my first skirt, the Easy Ruffled Skirt from Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous.  This turned out GREAT and started what I now have, skirt fever.  I have a new stack of fabric JUST for making Our G and KK skirts.  They are SO EASY to make!!  Want to know how easy??  They first one I made for Our G took me 40 minutes.  This skirt, the skirt I made for myself and the skirts I will make in the future stem from the before mentioned ladies and Dana @ MADE
Ms. Dana has a tutorial for a SUPER simple skirt.  She said in a recent post that it took her 12 minutes to make one.  WAIT, 12 MINUTES!?!  Okay, so I am totally not there yet but hopefully, one day,
I will be. 
Anyway, her original tutorial for the simple skirt is what guided me to make one for Our G and later myself.  It is DEFINITELY as simple as it sounds and looks.  I made Our G's from some material I got from Sugar Creek Bedding called Gypsy Bandana.  It was a MUST have!!  Here is Our G and her skirt:

After I made G her skirt I wanted to make me one but lacked the fabric.  My GREAT Momma gave me a gift of $20 under one condition; that I buy ME some fabric.  Not G, Not KK, Not J, Not My Love, NO ONE but me.  This was SUPER hard to do.  First of all, I LIVE to make things for my family.  I LOVE to make things for my family.  Add to that the fact that I have never picked out fabric for myself and I was worried.  It WAS hard not to buy for my kids and it DID take me about 30 minutes to decide upon one fabric.  But, eventually, I did.  It looks like colorful grass.  I got it from Joann's and I am unsure of its official name but I have 2 shirts that match it and THAT is the important thing.  I am wearing it this Sunday to church and am VERY excited about it.  Along with VERY thankful to my Momma for making me do something for myself.  Here is a pic of my skirt:

Many more skirts to come.  I am still planning on doing my first tute on a pillow and I am almost finished with Our KK's Peasant Shirt.  Next post will be about my VERY FIRST sale of a dress!!!  YAY!!  Till' then, Stay Inspired!!

Mother's Day and the Two WONDERFUL Women In My Life

I am VERY blessed to have a VERY WONDERFUL Momma and Mammaw!!  They mean so VERY much to me and I do not think, no, I KNOW, I could not ask for better then what they are.  I LOVE them for who they are, how GREAT they are, EVERYTHING they do, how much they LOVE my family and I,  and all the GREAT things they have taught me. 
I wanted to do something special for them for Mother's Day.  Something not bought but made.  Something that took more than just my money.  Something that took my time and love and that hopefully, they would cherish!! 
I used some fabric and this template/tute to make them both a card.  Here is what the outside looked like:

On the inside was a message from me.  I suppose I could have done a better job but all in all, I was pleased with how they came out and both my Momma and Mammaw loved them!!

I had seen a tutorial for making your own hanging pin cushions.  I LOVED the idea and thought it would be a GREAT gift idea for my Mammaw.  Not that she needed anymore pic cushions or anything but I thought that she might could hang one at each of her sewing stations in her house and she would always know where a pin cushion with pins was.  I also saw a tute for customizing your own pins.  I thought pearls would be great for my Mammaw since her middle name and Our G's middle name is Pearl but turns out it is cheaper to buy the pins with pearls on them then it is to make them so I just bought them.  Here are the pin cushions I made her with the pins in them:

I wanted to make something else for my Mammaw also but was unsure of what else I could do.  Previously I had gave her some of the potholders I had made and she seemed to really like them so there was an idea but then I saw a tutorial on for last minute Mother's Day gift idea's.  She recommended making dish rags for Mom.  PERFECT!!  So I made her two of them.  I really hope she likes them as much as she seemed to.  Here they are:

That took care of Mammaw.  Next was Momma.  We got her an Hibiscus and a Scarlet Bottlebrush (flower and plant) but she had told me she LOVED homemade stuff and wanted that.  That sounded good to me.  The first thing I made her was a skirt.  Now, my Mammaw had been telling me skirts were UBER easy.  All you had to do was sew two pieces of fabric together, make a waist, a hem and VOILA!!, you had a skirt.  Then I saw a SUPER CUTE ruffle skirt at Craftaholics Anonymous.  The best thing was that she gave a tutorial for it!!  SUPER, SUPER!!  It was as easy as Mammaw had said and the ruffle made it so ADORBS!!  Momma liked it and is currently trying to find a shirt somewhere that will match.  Here is Momma's skirt (and it looks off center because of the way it is laying not because of how it was made):

Momma LOVES pigs and she REALLY liked the potholders also.  I found the CUTEST pig material at our local supercenter so I just HAD to make her a piggy potholder.  It turned out SO CUTE and of course, she LIKED it.  However, she didn't notice the pigs until 2 days after she got it, LOL!!  Here is a pic of her piggy potholder:

The final thing I made her was a print.  I had found a free printable at.......oh goodness, I CANNOT remember where it was at.  Not good at all.  If you read this and I got it from you PLEASE tell me!!  Anyways, it printed out in black and white and I colored it with sharpies.  It came out cute also.  Here it is:  

So, that's what I made for the two MOST WONDERFUL ladies in my life.  My Momma and my Mammaw.  Neither of whom I can ever repay for how AWESOMELY GREAT they have been and continue to be to me!!  I LOVE THEM BOTH SO VERY MUCH!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Son and His Birthday

Our son J is turning 17 tomorrow.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!!  Because we only have him 2 weekends a month, we celebrated his birthday weekend before last.  When I asked him what kind of  cake he wanted he said a Neapolitan cake.  Whoa, WHAT?!?  A Neapolitan cake?? As in like Neapolitan ice cream?  Yes, just like that. 
Our children LOVE Neapolitan ice cream and I am assuming this is why he wanted one.  That and also to challenge me.  I am not sure he thought I could do it.  At first, I was unsure on how it should or could be done but once I decided, it was Easy Peasy!!  Three different cakes baked in loaf pans (which meant I had batter left over and when I was done had 4 cakes total) and three different icings and he had what he asked for, (and something I had never seen before)  a Neapolitan cake. 
I am so very happy that I made him so VERY happy!!  He LOVED it as did everyone and happiness abounded!!  YAY!!  Here is a pic of his cake:

Forty Toes: razberries and razins GIVEAWAY!

Forty Toes: razberries and razins GIVEAWAY!

Another AWESOME giveaway!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Being Busy

I have not posted in what seems like forever.  I have posts coming.  Mostly things I made for Mother's day that I could not post as I made them since the WONDERFUL women they were for know of my blog.  I am also making a CUTE ladybug peasant shirt for Our KK and I have made a skirt (and going to make A LOT more skirts) for Our G.  I just have to load up the pics and post.  I will hopefully do this soon.  Till then, stay Inspired!!