Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DaDa's Day and The Pack

DaDa's day is Sunday.  This means once again, I (or the children, whichever) get to give things to My Love.  I LOVE days with this meaning because I LOVE coming up with things to give him that will make him smile, things he will LOVE!!
I also have the inability to keep things a secret from him.  If I have something to give him, unless it's Christmas, he usually gets it early.  The other day, I got one of his presents in the mail.  It was a key chain that says, "Our DaDa Rocks!!"  I gave it to him the day it came.  He LOVED it!!! 
He also LOVES the Packers.  He has liked them since about 1996, so no, he is not a bandwagon jumper.  When they won the Superbowl, I ordered some Green Bay material for him with the intention of making him some sleep pants.  he doesn't wear his sleep pants he has very often so I really didn't want to do this.  He usually wears shorts to bed though.  In comes DaDa's day.
I dug out the material and an OLD pattern that my Mammaw had given me (also came in the box of "junk") for making men's shorts.  I started them yesterday and finished them this morning.  All together it took about 2 hours and cutting the pattern pieces was the hardest part.  He put them on this morning and wore them to be (he was working nights).  He LOVED them so MUCH!!!  YAY!!  There is no GREATER reward then making someone happy.  Especially someone you LOVE deeply!!!  Here is a pic of him wearing his shorts: 

Re-Fasioning a Dress

A couple of weeks ago, cousin K was spring cleaning and since L is 2 yrs older than Our G, she gave me some of the clothes L had outgrown.  Among them was a CUTE brown dress with different colored butterflies.  It was long sleeved and a 2T.  I actually fit G okay around the waist though so I decided to refashion it. 
I cut the long sleeves off and hemmed the arm holes.  When I put the dress on G though, the arm holes hung down way too far because they were too big.  So there I was, sitting and thinking about what I could do to fix it.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm...........
Then it hit me!!  I could use the cut off sleeves to make the hole smaller.  So I did.  I hemmed them and sewed them on.  IT WORKED!!  YAY!!  She even wore it to church Sunday!!  Here are some pics of the dress before and after and of course, one with G wearing it:

Linking Up

I Linked Up on these blogs today!!  YAY!!

For all sorts of AWESOMENESS, pay these sites a visit!!!

Needing a Gift

There is a young lady I go to church with who is a mother-to-be.  She is due in August (it's a boy!!) and her baby shower was this past Sunday.  I wanted to make her something she would LOVE instead of giving her something bought.  A couple of stipulations:  it had to look good; it had to be semi-cheap; preferably something he could wear to church.  Awesomely enough, I didn't have to look far.  One day, while I was browsing the blogs I follow, I found this AWESOME tute that included a FREE pattern!!  YAY!!  I knew when I saw it that I wanted to make some Tie Onesie's for a gift. 
She is decorating the nursery with a sports theme so the material I decided on for two of the onesie's was sports themed and the third tie I made using some CUTE blue fabric I had with orange and red stripes. 
I used the pattern and cut out my ties then sewed them onto the 3-6 month onesie's using a zig-zag stitch.  OH they came out so ADORBS and she LOVED them too!!  SCORE!!!  I absolutely LOVE making people happy and doing it with something I have made creates such a wonderful feeling inside!!  I CANNOT wait to see them on her little boy. 
While shopping for tie material I also found some really soft flannel that would make good burp clothes.  My Mammaw let me use her serger for these and recommended I use some thin pieces of cotton in between the flannel pieces, so I did!!  THANKS Mammaw!!  They too came out ADORBS!!! 
I am now looking forward to MANY more baby showers.  Boy or girl, hopefully GREAT gifts await!!
Here are some pics of the onesie's and the rags:


Last Saturday was VBS at our church.  I wanted Our G to experience it so I helped out with her age group (she will NOT stay in class yet without me). Last minute Friday I decided to make her a skirt.  I had some material that was given to me by my Mammaw in a box of what she called "junk".  It is so precious colored with pinks and blue.  G has a blue shirt I got for $1 at our local supercenter that matched perfectly.  That means another super simple skirt for Our G!!  I also made some bows using this tute like I had before.  Here are some pics:

SOOOO ADORBS!!!  Love her and VBS was GREAT also!!!

Being Asked to Make an Outfit

As I said in a previous post, my cousin K asked me to make an outfit for her daughter, L.  She wanted me to re-fasion some jeans into ruffle capri's with a different ruffle than I had done before and put a CUTE patch on them.  She also wanted me to make a top to go with the capri's.  She bought some ADORABLE material at JoAnn's and brought it and the pants to me.  Then, I went to work.
I cut off the pants where she wanted them and sewed on the ruffles like she asked.  Then. I hand sewed on the dragonfly patch.  These came out exactly like she wanted!!  YAY!!  Here are some pic's of them:

After I finished the capri's, I started on the shirt.  I used the pattern for G's Easter dress to make the bodice.  I then added three different layers of ruffles to complete the shirt but there was a problem.  The pattern called for a zipper or buttons but foolishly I thought I could make it without one.  Oh, I did and I couldnt get it off of L.  I had to cut it off. 
I cut down the side seam for concealment purposes.  No way I was gonna let my mistake ruin the top.  K wasn't thrilled about a zipper but consented to it anyway.  Then I had a brain spasm and thought, "Why not make ties for the side instead of a zipper?"  K liked this idea much better and WOW, I thought it came out super cute, especially on her!!!  Here are some pics of the top and L modeling it:

ADORBS!!  Cousin K said she LOVED the outfit and she must have becasue she brought more fabric to make another one!!  The new fabric is even MORE adorbs then this one so I CAN"T wait to make it!!  First though, I have some bandana dresses to make for another lady that K got for me!!  THANKS K!!!

GREAT Teachers

Our KK's pre-k teachers have been SUPER to My Love and I.  They do things for us that other teachers do not, such as giving us copies of things KK has done or achieved and sharing important info with us.  Not to mention what GREAT teachers they actually are!!  Their AWESOMENESS made me want to do something for them at the end of school.
I had seen an AWESOME post at Creative Mommas on making a Crayon Monogram.  I thought these were too cute and seemed easy to make.  I had the paper and just needed crayons and frames.  We let KK pick out what color paper to use for each teacher (she had 3) and what color crayons to use.  My Love cut the crayons the length we needed and I put it all together.  I think they came out cute and we were told that the teachers LOVED them.  I hope they did.  I also made some rosettes (which I am addicted to making) for the wrapped present.  Here are pics of each monogram and the rosettes:

Ruffled Capri's

So, once again, my pictures are piling up waiting on me to do a post.  No excuses on why there is so much time in between posts.  It is just mainly because I would rather be making the things that go in the posts instead of posting.  I DO love doing my blog, just not as much as I LOVE sewing for people.  Now, on to the first of MANY posts.
For awhile now I have seen quite a few blogs posting about making ruffle capri's.  I have also seen them on Etsy.  I really liked them but Our G and KK really do not have any plain blue jeans to re-design.  I also never found any cheap enough to buy just to redesign.  (Guess I should try a resale shop huh!!) 
Anyways, in comes my cousin K.  She wanted some for her L.  I told her I had some scrap fabric and would make her a pair for free to make sure she liked them before she bought fabric or I charged her.  I ruffled them and sewed them with a center seam.  They came out TOO cute and since she liked them, she asked me to make a whole outfit for L.  That is coming in a later post.  Here is a pic of my first ruffle pants that I did for L:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Needing a Skirt

So, as you know, I am now a skirt-a-holic.  Meaning, all I want to make for G or KK or myself or whomever, is skirts.  I have a shirt that I needed a skirt for and just happened to have a piece of knit material laying around that was just big enough to make myself a skirt with.  YAY!!  The only problem was that is was about 6 inches to short.  Enter my WONDERFUL Mammaw and her saying, "Amy, just look around and take whatever piece you want to finish your skirt."  How sweet is that and she!?!  I have the best Mammaw in the world!! 
Anyways, the knit piece I had was orange (like orange sherbet) and the piece I got from my Mammaw was like a maroon color.  I made two strips out of the maroon piece and ruffled one of them.  Then I sewed them to the bottom of the orange and TADA!!, my Orange sherbet skirt was born. 
Now personally, I do think it is kind of ugly.  I mean, I LIKE the skirt but if you just look at it the colors really do not go together and My Love said, "Its DEFINITELY something you would not see in any store."  But, it looks alright with the shirt it was made for (which does have both colors) and it serves its purpose well!!  So, YAY for the Orange Sherbet skirt !!  Here is a pic of it:

And yes, I did make it 2 weeks ago.  And yes, I am behind on posting but hey, I am trying!!  More to come soon!!  I promise!!  Till then, Be Inspired!!