Thursday, September 1, 2011

Homemade Donuts Using Cheap Biscuts

When I was little, my cousin's and I would make donut's.  I remember making them at my Aunt N's house a lot but we also made them at home.  They are SUPER easy and even better, SUPER cheap.  Maybe you have made them before.  All you need is a cheap can of WHOP!! biscuts, powdered sugar and milk. 
You open the biscut's (of course) and make a hole in the middle of each one using whatever tool you have chosen for the job.  It helps if you flatten out the biscut a little.  After you get all the hole's punched you fry each one in vegeatable oil or whichever oil you prefer.  You DO NOT want the grease to hot or the donut's will not be done in the middle.  Low and slow is the best way.  Just watch them for the color you want them to be then flip and once the other side is done you take them out and place them on a paper towel to drain.  The last time I made them a used a wire cooling rack to drain them and this worked MUCH better. 
The icing is just powdered sugar and milk.  Maybe a quarter cup of powdred sugar and 1-2 TBL spoons of milk.  I have never measured it; I usually just pour from the bag.  It doesn't take much milk though.  I also add vanilla to the icing for extra flavor.  Not much though; maybe 1/2 a tsp. 
So, once the donuts are all cooked and the icing is mixed up you just dip each donut/donut hole in the icing and coat liberally.  Place on a platter and let sit till the icing sets (if you can wait that long).  DONE!!  GREAT, cheap, quick and easy donuts. 
I showed my son J how to make them last month and he LOVED them.  Here are some pics of the ones we made that day:

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