Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Birthday

My niece HB had a birthday in July.  She had stayed the night with us back in May and while she was here we browsed the fabric shop's online for some material to make her a skirt for her birthday.  Of course, Michael Miller was her choice (she has GREAT taste!!).  So, when July came around, along with her birthday, we both knew what she was getting. 
I made a simple straight skirt, sewing up both sides and giving it an elastic waist.  To add a little surprise I also made her a couple of headband's using this tute from foofanagle.  The headband's are reversible so I made one with pink lining and the other with white. 
I also made her some fabric rosette's and put a clip on the back of them so she could wear them in her hair.
She said she liked her gift's and I hope she really did!!  LOVE, LOVE my niece's and nephew's and their happiness means a LOT to me!!
Here are some pics of the skirt, headband's and rosette's:

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