Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Bandana Dresses

After I made the bandana dress for my cousin K she showed a pic of it to a lady she knows, M.  M has 2 daughters and wanted one for each of them. L's bandana's had a black border and M wanted her daughter's dresses to have a border also.  She bought 3 bandana's for each daughter and some chiffon to make the border with.  She also brought a patch for each dress.  A flower for the smaller one and a butterfly for the larger one.
This was the first time I had ever worked with chiffon and let me tell you, it is AWFUL!!  Very pretty but I had trouble working with it.  I couldn't cut straight strips and the strips I did cut were not easy to fold and hem.  Note for the future: no chiffon for bandana dresses.
As mentioned above, I cut strips out of the chiffon.  The chiffon was so thin that I had to fold it over multiple times so that you couldn't see the bandana material through it.  I folded it over and then sewed the raw edge to prevent raveling.  Each strip (4 for each bandana; 8 for each dress) was sewed on to create the lines for the border.  After all the strips were sewed on I then made the bandana dresses like normal.  (For those of you who do not want to look back in my archives, here is the tute I use to make the bandana dresses- bandana dress by Living With Punks.)  After the dresses were made I sewed the patches on the dresses. 
M also wanted some bows made for her girls.  She wanted two small bows for the smaller girl and one large bow for the larger girl. 
Here are some pics of the finished bows and dresses:

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