Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As I said in an earlier post, sometime I watch L for my cousin K.  L turned three and her party was the end of June.  She LOVES being any kind of a princess and I knew she likes mermaids so I decided to make her a mermaid tail for her birthday.  She told me she wanted it pink and I found some sparkly pick fabric that was PERFECT.  I had no pattern for this so I just sort of winged it and made it up as I went without one. 
First, I cut out a skirt for the tail using a plain pink fabric.  I sewed the "scales" onto this.  Once the skirt was cut out, I knew how long to make my "scale" strips.  I cut out all the strips making sure I had two strips the same length and width. 
To make the "scale" look I pinned the two strips together and cut scallops into them.  Example below:

After the "scales" were cut into the strips I sewed them on the skirt, starting at the bottom.  As you can see in the pic, at this point in time they were going on slightly crooked which was easy to fix.  Was glad I took the pic though since it allowed me to identify a problem I was unaware of. 

Now, you are probably wondering where the pic of the finished tail is.  Yeah, ummmm, once again, I forgot it.  We were running late and in a huge rush and I bagged the present and left without taking a pic.  One was not taken at the party because I did not have the camera, My Love did.  Cousin K said she would bring it to my house when L came again but hasn't yet.  I hope to have a pic of it soon and when I do get it I will post it on here for sure. 
I also made her a crown using the sparkly pink fabric but did not get a pic of it either. 
Just so you know, I NOW take pics of everything as SOON as I finish it.  Maybe, just maybe, I will never not have a pic again.  Here's to hoping!!!

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