Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Re-Fashion; Tunic to a Skirt

As I said before , my cousin K was cleaning and gave me some of her daughters clothes.  In these clothes was a cute outfit that consisted of a tunic and some tights.  It was a 3T though so that meant waiting for it to fit Our G.  However, I really liked the print of the tunic and I am obsessed with making skirts so I decided to make a skirt for G out of the tunic.  It was high waisted, which was perfect, so I just cut it at the waist.  I folded the top over and added some elastic and VOILA!!  Our G had a new skirt!!  YAY!!  Here is a before and after pic along with a couple of pics of Ms. G modeling it:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you can see that the skirt has pockets and Our G ABSOLUTELY LOVES this.  I put the skirt on her and in go her hands!!  Double YAY!!!

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