Monday, July 25, 2011

Father's Day

The Saturday before Father's day our modem went out.  What proceeded was the WORST dealing with a company EVER.  Two weeks of getting the run-around by AT&T then finally getting a modem from somewhere else.  So, we went almost three weeks without a modem.  When we FINALLY got our new one I found that I was uninspired to blog.  Sort of like doing without it for so long made me not want to do it anymore.  Does this make sense??  Probably not but, the important thing is, that I am back, ready to blog again, with A LOT of posts on the way. 

So, back to Father's day.  My last post of something I had made was some Green Bay Packer shorts for My Love for a Father's day gift.  I also wanted to make something for him that had to do with our children and when I saw THIS post by Sugar Bee Crafts I knew it was PERFECT for him.  Mainly because he is an AWESOME DaDa and works SUPER hard for us but also because I LOVED the play on words!! 
I asked him to pick out his preferred color of a shirt and traced the kids hands on wax paper and we were ready to make it.
On the post from Sugar Bee Crafts, she said you could use iron on letters or embroidery but I just decided to use fabric paint.  The kids picked out the colors they wanted their hands to be and I used those for the words also.  I traced the hands on the back and added each child's name  for their hand then I painted the words on the front.  It was SUPER easy to make and My Love absolutely adored it!!  Pleasing him was/is what matters so I was happy that he was happy!!!  Here are a couple of pics of the finished product:

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