Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Needing Shorts for Our Girls

Our KK and G needed shorts for summer.  I already had  a pattern so I thought I would make them instead of buy.  This means (because I already had the fabric or my GREAT Mammaw gave it to me) the shorts I made for them were free!!  You have got to LOVE that!!!  So first was Our KK.  I made her a pair of purple checked shorts to match a shirt she already had as well as a pair of lime colored ones that also matched a couple pf shirts.  All made using the McCall's pattern I have. 
For Our G, I used a pair of capris that are almost to small for her as the pattern.  I LOVE how they look on her hence the use of them.  The fabric I used for G's shorts is the same skull fabric I used to put a cell phone pocket on My Loves shorts. 
I also made Our J a pair of shorts out of some fabric he picked out and my nephew B a pair of robot shorts for his birthday.  However, I forgot (AGAIN) to take pics of these.  Bad habit I have, I know. 
So, here are the pics I do have of the shorts I have made. 

I REALLY like the shorts I made (and so did the kids, YAY!!)  and will make more.  I actually have more cut out to make.  Also, next to skirts, shorts are the EASIEST thing I have ever made.  Although, I do not think I have made anything that was really challenging yet.  Maybe there will be a challenge in my future.  We shall see.

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