Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspired By......My Momma......

I remember my parents having a garden when I was little.  They would make us pick the vegetables when they were ready (how dare they, right?!?).  I remember picking peas and HATING it.  There were ants and it was HOT.  I swore then that I would NEVER have a garden, I would NEVER plant.  That got me to now.  This year, I broke my word to myself.  It all started when my GREAT Momma came home with a truck bed FULL of flowers and plants she had picked up for my Mammaw at Lowe's.  They were selling them all for five dollars because supposedly (and say this because most of them looked good still) the freeze had got to them.  My Mammaw only took a few and my Momma only wanted a small amount also.  We gave a few more away but even after all were taken we had A LOT of plants left. 
I cannot remember why but one day I just went out there and started digging and planting.  I planted the ones Momma wanted and then I just kept going until they were all planted.  I cannot even tell you the names of the flowers and the plants.  I just planted them.  Here are a couple of them after a week or two of being in the ground:

Now, after I got all of these planted I stood back and looked.  Then I started to panic.  I wanted to plant more.  I didn't want this to be the end.  I wanted more.  I decided that I would get some vegetables. 
This was the end of February and the almanac says that there will be one more freeze before Easter so I would have to wait to plant, or would I??  A old friend of mine lives in the city and every year she plants vegetables in pots.  She grows pretty tomatoes and strawberries.  YES!!  This is the answer!!  Plant them in pots.  After all, we have a TON of pots left over from the Lowe's plants. 
My first stop was a feed store here in town for some cherry tomato plants, some TAM pepper plants and some Brother tomato plants.  Here they are after a couple of weeks:

TAM pepper

cherry tomato

Brother tomato

After I planted these, I again wanted more.  About a week later, My Love and I were at the Home Depot.  I am standing there looking at all the flowers and plants WISHING I had a million dollars to spend there.  I do not however, so some strawberry plants, some hot jalapeno plants and a calla lily had to do.  We also bought some packets of baby spinach to plant because Husband eats this stuff like candy.  We came home and I planted these in pots also (all except the spinach, I just planted it this past weekend and the calla lily went into the ground).  Here they are:
strawberry plant

calla lily

hot jalapeno pepper

I had thought that I would grow them in pots all season but I have since decided to put them in the ground.  I am not sure when this will take place (hopefully soon) but when it does I will post more pics. 
I have since also planted A LOT of flower seeds in pots.  Our KK helped with these so they are even more special.  When the spinach and the flowers break through I will post pics of those also. 
So, here I am, nothing left to plant.  I just enjoy everyday when I go out and water them.  I think they are beautiful and I say a HUGE THANK YOU to my Momma for giving me this LOVE of growing things and being outside.  I thank her for being a GREAT Momma too, but that doesn't have much to do with flowers.

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