Friday, March 18, 2011

Inspired By.......My Parents

When I was younger my parents raised pigs.  I LOVED them then and I LOVE them now.  I get this from my Momma.  She also loves pigs.  She may have been one of the main reasons why we had them other that the fact that we were poor and the pigs helped provide meals for our family (we ate pork chops for a year straight).  I am not sure though. 
Now that we have G and she LOVES pigs (even though she has never seen a real one) I thought it would be good to get one.  My Love is not really into this.  He doesn't understand why I want one at all.  I tried to explain to him that he loves pork so why not buy a pig.  He says you can get it at the store, typical city boy reaction.  Even though he feels this way, he agreed to help me build a pig pen. 
I staked out where I wanted it.  My Aunt Meisha used the tractor to dig some post holes for me.  Then, My Love and I tore down an old pen for supplies.  A weekend of labor and Voila!!, we have a pig pen.  Now I need a pig.  THANK YOU MY LOVE FOR BUILDING ME A PIG PEN!!  (even though you griped the whole time you were building it, he he he...)  Here is OUR pig pen (keep in mind that it is not the best in the world but it will do and to me, because My Love built it for me, it is the BEST!!): 

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