Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspired By.......The Warhol Dress @ MADE and My Love

Prudent Baby ( does a weekly post called "Link Love."  In these post, they share AWESOMENESS from other people and of course, provide you with a link to there site.  Two reasons why this is AWESOME: 1.  If Prudent Baby thinks its great then you know it has to be GREAT and 2.  I get more GREAT project ideas.  (Like I need more but, whatever.) 
On December 31st of last year, they posted some "Link Love."  (  In this post I was introduced to Dana @ MADE. (  So, of course, I followed the link to her page.  I have followed her ever since.  She has GREAT posts and comes in second on the list of blogs I stalk. 
One day while checking out her posts I saw one about a DIY dress she calls "The Warhol Dress." (  This dress is SO "ADORBS" and she even gives you a pattern!!  AWESOME!!  This totally goes to the top of the list of things I want to make for Our G!!  But wait, we have a Suns game (My Love totally LOVES the Suns and every year we go to Houston to watch them play) coming up and like EVERY sports team, the clothes they have for G's age group and size are mediocre at best.  What was that??  I can make G a dress for the Suns game using Dana's "Warhol Dress?"  Oh YES I CAN!!! 
So I print out the pattern (which I didn't need since her pictures and instructions were so great) and get to making the dress.  May I just say that this was the one of the EASIEST things I have ever made.  Easy to follow instructions and SO CUTE with the yolk that ties into a bow.  It was and is JUST PERFECT!!  I cannot wait to make more dresses like this one and like the "Pillowcase Dress" @ Prudent Baby!! (
Here are some pics of G's dress and of course, her modeling it:

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