Friday, March 18, 2011

Inspired By.......Our G and Prudent Baby

Our G LOVES pigs.  Well, she LOVES a lot of things but pigs are right up there on the top of her list.  There is a book we read that has a pig in it and when she points at the pig, I make a snorting sound.  We do this for hours.  I thought I would make her a pig pillow.  That way we could do it even more (what was I thinking). 
I haven't seen one on here so I just created myself.  It was super easy and I think I am going to try to do my first tutorial on it.  Okay, what was it Master Yoda told Luke in the swamp, "DO or DO NOT.  There is NO try."  So, I WILL do my first tute on this pig pillow.  Until then, here is what Our G's looks like:

After I made G her pillow, I decided to make another one.  I found this cute cow material in my stash and decided to use it.  Mainly so G would have something with a cow on it but also because it made me remimisce of when cow pattern was "in" and this makes me laugh.  I used three different cow themed materials and cut them all into a heart.  I sewed one on top of the other to make a layered look and Voila!!  you have a cow heart pillow.  After I had it made I remembered Prudent Baby's "Jingle Pillow." (  I love that she put bells on it and it just so happens that we had A LOT of bells around the house due to the fact that we put them on G's shoes and they do not sell a package of just two. So, I sewed three bells on the front of the pillow.  G pulled one off so in the picture there are just two on there.  She LOVES shaking it.  Thank you Prudent Baby for once again giving me an idea to make Our G happy!!  Here's the cow pillow:

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