Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspired By.........The Onesie Dress @ Prudent Baby

As I said in the last post, A LOT of Our G's younger clothes still fit her.  This includes her 6-9 month old onesie's.  I had them in the donation pile, thinking we were so totally through with them.  Leave it to Prudent Baby ( to set me straight. 
After I became addicted to their site, I started browsing there older posts.  Each time I saw something I wanted to make I would add it to the list (my list is a mile long now).  This DIY tutorial ( could NOT be added to the list. It was to be done immediately. 
So, I started digging through my fabric, stacking up my fave's to use for G's onesie's transformation's.  The only thing was that I didn't really like the way the full skirt looked and because I had just read another Prudent Baby tute about gathering ( (which was also added to the list) I decided to do a three piece ruffle skirt instead. 
I have 6 plain white long sleeve onesies so I transformed one of these first.  The sleeves were a little too short so I cut them off and hemmed them to make it a 3/4 sleeve.  I gathered two strips of polka dot fabric and one strip of black the sewed them on the onesie with the black in between the polka dot pieces.  Here is how it turned out:


I had plenty of fabric left over after I made the Ruffle Heart Shirt for our KK.  This fabric went GREAT with another onesie I had also put in the donation pile.  With this one, I cut the long sleeves completely off and made a ruffle cap sleeve and put two ruffles on the bottom.  Here it is:
I LOVE them both and must THANK Jamie @ Prudent Baby (buy her book, for the idea of a onesie dress.  It is SUPER easy and SO "ADORBS!!"  Looking forward to making many more.

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