Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspired By.......Ruffle Heart T-Shirt @ Prudent Baby.......

Our G seems to have a weight problem.  Meaning, she doesn't gain any.  When she does gain a pound or two, she gains an inch or two also.  Needless to say, she has weighed 20 pounds for about 6 months now.  Oh shes okay and all, doctor says perfectly normal for her.  I am glad she has this little "problem" for two reasons.  One, it appears she will not have a weight problem (meaning weighing to much like me) and two, her 6-9 month clothes still fit.  Well, other than the length of them that is.  This is okay though because once again, Prudent Baby ( has a fix. 
You see, Jamie, of Prudent Baby, (buy her book- posted yet another brilliant DIY(okay, so all their post's are brilliant but oh well).  She created a "Ruffle Heart
T-Shirt" ( for her daughter because she had grown taller but not bigger.   I was so excited when I saw this post.  It was just what I needed for Our G!!  So, I followed her step by step instructions and TADA, a new shirt for Our G!!  I also added ruffles to the sleeves because G's arms had grown longer too.  It looked GREAT and with Valentine's Day less then a month away, it served as a V Day shirt also.  Here's Our G posing in it:
After I made G's, I decided to make one for Our KK also.  She goes to school and I thought it would be a perfect shirt for her to wear on V Day.  She picked out her fabric and helped me make hers.  She LOVED it and wore it to school on Valentine's Day as planned!!  Here's Our KK posing in hers:
SOO CUTE if I may say so myself but then again, I am partial.  What can I say, I LOVE my girls!!!  THANK YOU Prudent Baby!!!

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