Monday, March 7, 2011

Inspired By......Zombies and Prudent Baby......

My husband and I LOVE zombies.  It doesn't matter what type of zombie, from George A. Romero to Resident Evil, we LOVE them.  This past Halloween, our daughter G was 11 months and in need of a Halloween costume.  Since she was not able to choose a pretty princess or an animal of some sort we chose for her (Score!!). 
It all started while I was scanning over Halloween costumes and one for a Zombie popped up. ( At this time, I had not even heard of Prudent Baby but the thought of a Zombie costume for my baby girl was so exciting, I continued on to the website.  From this moment on, I have been a fan of Prudent Baby.  They have hundreds of DIY projects and more.  SWEET!!!
Anyway, Jamie Morrison Curtis (buy her book if you have not; is the one who did the Zombie costume for her daughter (she is founding editor at Prudent Baby;  She gave step by step instructions on how to do it yourself and, get this, it didn't matter how good you could sew because its a Zombie costume and it needs to be messy.  Yay me!! 
I bought some fabric, followed her instructions and TADA!!, our G was a Zombie!!  Actually, we were all Zombies (except for our 5 year old who insisted she be a bumble bee but professed she would be a Zombie when she is 10, lol).  May I add that we were SUPER happy Zombies.  THANK YOU Prudent Baby!!

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