Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inspired By........The "No Pinching" Bandana Dress @ Living with Punks

One of the blogs I follow is Living with Punks (http://3punkmom.blogspot.com/).  The lady that does this blog is obviously AWESOME.  I say this because she has AWESOME tutorials.  One day she posted a tute for an ADORBS dress made out of bandanas(http://3punkmom.blogspot.com/2011/03/tute-no-pinching-bandana-dress.html).  AWESOME!!
Bandana's are a dollar a piece at our local super center and if you have not noticed, they have some really cute multicolored ones now.  This makes the tute even more AWESOME!!  So, I bought 3 bandana's as instructed and some elastic thread. VOILA!!  G has a new dress.  False, G has a new ADORABLE dress!!  I did mess up because I started making it before I refreshed myself on the instructions but the mess up was not so bad that I could improvise and make the dress anyway.  However, next time I WILL make it the way instructed because Susan's way is MUCH easier then the way I did it. 
Here is G in her new dress: