Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Wonderful Mammaw

I remember when I was little being at my Mammaw's house.  I would play under the quilt that she had hanging in her living room as my Momma and/or others quilted.  Every once in a while she would let me make stitches on the quilt also.  It made me so happy when I was able to quilt like the adults. 
My Mammaw was always sewing.  She was either quilting, altering clothes for someone, or making clothes for her grandchildren.  Most of the time, she had all three going simply because that's the way my Mammaw is. 
There are twelve grandchildren, including my self.  Thirteen if you count the exchange student we had my senior year (and we do).  My Mammaw quilted us all a blanket by hand when we were little.  Our exchange student received a quilt also but I am thinking Mammaw had her quilting machine by this time. 
I remember her sewing us all Easter dresses and shirts for the boys.  Usually this was done just a day or two before Easter. 
My Mammaw gave me my first and only sewing machine.  It's a Bernina 830.  She bought it in 1981 for $1200.  This sewing machine is almost as old as me (I was born in 1980) and it still runs GREAT.  My Mammaw is the reason I sew.  She is a lot of the reason for all the good stuff inside of me.  She has done so very much for all of us.  I am so very blessed to have her. 
Now, usually I make things from patterns I find on here.  I would like to buy store patterns but I cannot seem to pay that much money for one.  I know I sound cheap when one at Walmart is only $3.50 but still, I am unable to buy one.  My Mammaw told me a couple of weeks ago that Hobby Lobby had McCall patterns on sale for $1 a piece (limit 10 of course).  Ummm, you KNOW I went and bought some.  Most of the ones I wanted were already gone but I did manage to get four (and the prices on them are $11.99 and $13.95) including one that I wanted to use to make G an Easter dress. 
When I opened the pattern and looked at the directions I was completely and utterly OVERWHELMED.  I made a vest from a pattern in high school but that was 14 years ago (OH MY!!) but other than that I have never used a pattern to sew.  Off to Mammaws house I went. 
She told me she has NEVER used the directions in a pattern, she just does it however seems easiest to her.  YES!!  I LOVE YOU MAMMAW!!  When I asked her if she could tell me how she said no because she doesn't know how to give directions but she would be more than happy to show me how.  GREAT!!  An extra dress for G, spending time with my Mammaw and I learn how to make a dress using a pattern!!  We cut out the pieces and she made the top.  I made the skirt, ruffled it and sewed it all together.  The dress is so cute and now, I know how use a pattern.  THANK YOU MAMMAW!!  Not just for this but for ALL you do and have done!!  For being your GREAT self and teaching me so much about life, including sewing!! 
Here are some pics of the dress and Our G in it:

Now, on to making G's Easter dress with some ADORABLE fabric my (you guessed it) Mammaw gave me!! 

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