Saturday, April 2, 2011

Inspired By........The AMAZING Way Plants Grow; Garden Update.....

As seen in a previous post, I went on a planting spree.   I was waiting until I put my plants in the ground to post about them again.  Well, weekend before last my Aunt M used the tractor to disc up a garden spot for me.  Four days later, Pop came and tilled it.  My Love and I made rows and got my tomato, pepper and strawberry plants in the ground.  My Love even made me an AWESOME scarecrow.  He says it is OUR garden, not just mine anymore (this makes me SO HAPPY).  He even wants to plant corn now.  WOW!!  Guess you just have to know My Love to be impressed.  Here are some pics of our garden, the plants in it and our scarecrow: 


Anyway, (as seen above) what we put in the ground only takes up a row and a half.  This means we have three and half rows left.  My mom wants two of them for okra so this means I have a row and a half left to fill.  YAY!!  More planting!!  So I bought more tomato and jalapeno pepper seeds.  Organic this time so that I can put seeds up for next year (or in case of a Zombie apocalypse).  These seeds are currently in pots, hopefully growing their little seed butts off and I am anxiously awaiting the day they pop through the soil to show their self's.  Will post pics of these when I see them!!
Here are some pics of the baby spinach I planted.  It is growing good and getting close to being ready to pick (that is IF I can hold My Love off for that long):

Also, here are some pics of the flowers I have started from seeds.  They have started to show themselves.  YAY!! (yes, I know they are small but they will grow):

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