Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Re-Fasioning a Dress

A couple of weeks ago, cousin K was spring cleaning and since L is 2 yrs older than Our G, she gave me some of the clothes L had outgrown.  Among them was a CUTE brown dress with different colored butterflies.  It was long sleeved and a 2T.  I actually fit G okay around the waist though so I decided to refashion it. 
I cut the long sleeves off and hemmed the arm holes.  When I put the dress on G though, the arm holes hung down way too far because they were too big.  So there I was, sitting and thinking about what I could do to fix it.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm...........
Then it hit me!!  I could use the cut off sleeves to make the hole smaller.  So I did.  I hemmed them and sewed them on.  IT WORKED!!  YAY!!  She even wore it to church Sunday!!  Here are some pics of the dress before and after and of course, one with G wearing it:

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