Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being Asked to Make an Outfit

As I said in a previous post, my cousin K asked me to make an outfit for her daughter, L.  She wanted me to re-fasion some jeans into ruffle capri's with a different ruffle than I had done before and put a CUTE patch on them.  She also wanted me to make a top to go with the capri's.  She bought some ADORABLE material at JoAnn's and brought it and the pants to me.  Then, I went to work.
I cut off the pants where she wanted them and sewed on the ruffles like she asked.  Then. I hand sewed on the dragonfly patch.  These came out exactly like she wanted!!  YAY!!  Here are some pic's of them:

After I finished the capri's, I started on the shirt.  I used the pattern for G's Easter dress to make the bodice.  I then added three different layers of ruffles to complete the shirt but there was a problem.  The pattern called for a zipper or buttons but foolishly I thought I could make it without one.  Oh, I did and I couldnt get it off of L.  I had to cut it off. 
I cut down the side seam for concealment purposes.  No way I was gonna let my mistake ruin the top.  K wasn't thrilled about a zipper but consented to it anyway.  Then I had a brain spasm and thought, "Why not make ties for the side instead of a zipper?"  K liked this idea much better and WOW, I thought it came out super cute, especially on her!!!  Here are some pics of the top and L modeling it:

ADORBS!!  Cousin K said she LOVED the outfit and she must have becasue she brought more fabric to make another one!!  The new fabric is even MORE adorbs then this one so I CAN"T wait to make it!!  First though, I have some bandana dresses to make for another lady that K got for me!!  THANKS K!!!


  1. THANK YOU Alison!!!

  2. First of all, the outfit is super-cute! The model makes it that much cuter! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I bet she loved it!! This is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

  4. THANK YOU Tanya and Two Friends!!

  5. very nice, im thinking of doing something like this when i get to be a SAHM so I can upcycle my daughter's outfits.

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