Monday, June 6, 2011

Needing a Skirt

So, as you know, I am now a skirt-a-holic.  Meaning, all I want to make for G or KK or myself or whomever, is skirts.  I have a shirt that I needed a skirt for and just happened to have a piece of knit material laying around that was just big enough to make myself a skirt with.  YAY!!  The only problem was that is was about 6 inches to short.  Enter my WONDERFUL Mammaw and her saying, "Amy, just look around and take whatever piece you want to finish your skirt."  How sweet is that and she!?!  I have the best Mammaw in the world!! 
Anyways, the knit piece I had was orange (like orange sherbet) and the piece I got from my Mammaw was like a maroon color.  I made two strips out of the maroon piece and ruffled one of them.  Then I sewed them to the bottom of the orange and TADA!!, my Orange sherbet skirt was born. 
Now personally, I do think it is kind of ugly.  I mean, I LIKE the skirt but if you just look at it the colors really do not go together and My Love said, "Its DEFINITELY something you would not see in any store."  But, it looks alright with the shirt it was made for (which does have both colors) and it serves its purpose well!!  So, YAY for the Orange Sherbet skirt !!  Here is a pic of it:

And yes, I did make it 2 weeks ago.  And yes, I am behind on posting but hey, I am trying!!  More to come soon!!  I promise!!  Till then, Be Inspired!!

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