Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ruffled Capri's

So, once again, my pictures are piling up waiting on me to do a post.  No excuses on why there is so much time in between posts.  It is just mainly because I would rather be making the things that go in the posts instead of posting.  I DO love doing my blog, just not as much as I LOVE sewing for people.  Now, on to the first of MANY posts.
For awhile now I have seen quite a few blogs posting about making ruffle capri's.  I have also seen them on Etsy.  I really liked them but Our G and KK really do not have any plain blue jeans to re-design.  I also never found any cheap enough to buy just to redesign.  (Guess I should try a resale shop huh!!) 
Anyways, in comes my cousin K.  She wanted some for her L.  I told her I had some scrap fabric and would make her a pair for free to make sure she liked them before she bought fabric or I charged her.  I ruffled them and sewed them with a center seam.  They came out TOO cute and since she liked them, she asked me to make a whole outfit for L.  That is coming in a later post.  Here is a pic of my first ruffle pants that I did for L:

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