Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DaDa's Day and The Pack

DaDa's day is Sunday.  This means once again, I (or the children, whichever) get to give things to My Love.  I LOVE days with this meaning because I LOVE coming up with things to give him that will make him smile, things he will LOVE!!
I also have the inability to keep things a secret from him.  If I have something to give him, unless it's Christmas, he usually gets it early.  The other day, I got one of his presents in the mail.  It was a key chain that says, "Our DaDa Rocks!!"  I gave it to him the day it came.  He LOVED it!!! 
He also LOVES the Packers.  He has liked them since about 1996, so no, he is not a bandwagon jumper.  When they won the Superbowl, I ordered some Green Bay material for him with the intention of making him some sleep pants.  he doesn't wear his sleep pants he has very often so I really didn't want to do this.  He usually wears shorts to bed though.  In comes DaDa's day.
I dug out the material and an OLD pattern that my Mammaw had given me (also came in the box of "junk") for making men's shorts.  I started them yesterday and finished them this morning.  All together it took about 2 hours and cutting the pattern pieces was the hardest part.  He put them on this morning and wore them to be (he was working nights).  He LOVED them so MUCH!!!  YAY!!  There is no GREATER reward then making someone happy.  Especially someone you LOVE deeply!!!  Here is a pic of him wearing his shorts: 

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