Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Son and His Birthday

Our son J is turning 17 tomorrow.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!!  Because we only have him 2 weekends a month, we celebrated his birthday weekend before last.  When I asked him what kind of  cake he wanted he said a Neapolitan cake.  Whoa, WHAT?!?  A Neapolitan cake?? As in like Neapolitan ice cream?  Yes, just like that. 
Our children LOVE Neapolitan ice cream and I am assuming this is why he wanted one.  That and also to challenge me.  I am not sure he thought I could do it.  At first, I was unsure on how it should or could be done but once I decided, it was Easy Peasy!!  Three different cakes baked in loaf pans (which meant I had batter left over and when I was done had 4 cakes total) and three different icings and he had what he asked for, (and something I had never seen before)  a Neapolitan cake. 
I am so very happy that I made him so VERY happy!!  He LOVED it as did everyone and happiness abounded!!  YAY!!  Here is a pic of his cake:

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