Thursday, May 19, 2011

Procrastination and Happiness

So yes, I DO plan on posting on things I have been making.  I have pics on my camera that have been there for over a couple of days now.  All I need to do is put them on this computer and then do a post.  I have been VERY busy though (just not busy doing posts on here).  So, more post's are coming soon, PROMISE!! 
On a VERY happy note, I must say CONGRATS to our KK!!  She graduated from Pre-K (yes, they actually have a Pre-K graduation) today!!  We were able to spend some time with her after during which she and I had a MOST EXCELLENT conversation.  She told me that, "I was her BEST momma, the BEST she has ever had!!!"  Can you say MELT my heart!?!  I am so SUPER proud to be her Mom!! 
Till my next post, be inspired!! 

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