Saturday, May 14, 2011

Selling My First Dress

I watch my cousins daughter, L, once a week, sometimes more.  She is precious and I enjoy the time she gets to spend with my family and me.  Being that my cousin, K, comes in my house, she gets to see everything I make.  Which led to her asking me to make a dress for L.  Now me, I do not really think I am good enough to sell a dress.  Just an issue I have with myself but she wanted me to make her one anyways. 
The dress she liked the best that I made G and KK was the "No Pinching" Bandana Dress by Living With Punks.  She has seen the ones I have made and wanted one for L.  (If you look in older posts on my blog you can see all of the ones I have made previously.)  I told her to pick out the bandanas she wanted the dress made out of and I would do it.  She brought them and I made it.  It only took me about two and half hours to do it and it turned out SO ADORBS, especially on her!!  K and her husband LOVED it and the best part is, she knows another mom that wants me to make one for both of her little girls!!  I am in such a state of shock that, 1. I sold a dress, 2. It was good enough to get more business and 3. Did I mention I sold something I made!!!  WOOHOO!!  THANK YOU K!!  Doing the Happy Dance, doing the Happy Dance!! 
I also used this tute to make her a bow to match.  She requested I make another one though so she can wear her hair in pigtails. 
THANK YOU so much to Living With Punks for doing such a GREAT tute that has brought so much happiness to my life in the form of cute dresses for my daughters and others!! 
With no further ado, here are pics of the dress and bows:


  1. This is adorable! I think you're going to do well selling these!!

  2. Yay! So cute. You did a wonderful job. I love this bandana print!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That means A LOT coming from you!!!