Friday, May 13, 2011

My Mammaw and The Simple Skirt by Dana @ MADE

In the previous post I told you how my Mammaw had been telling me about making skirts and how SUPER easy it was.  This inspired me to try my first skirt, the Easy Ruffled Skirt from Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous.  This turned out GREAT and started what I now have, skirt fever.  I have a new stack of fabric JUST for making Our G and KK skirts.  They are SO EASY to make!!  Want to know how easy??  They first one I made for Our G took me 40 minutes.  This skirt, the skirt I made for myself and the skirts I will make in the future stem from the before mentioned ladies and Dana @ MADE
Ms. Dana has a tutorial for a SUPER simple skirt.  She said in a recent post that it took her 12 minutes to make one.  WAIT, 12 MINUTES!?!  Okay, so I am totally not there yet but hopefully, one day,
I will be. 
Anyway, her original tutorial for the simple skirt is what guided me to make one for Our G and later myself.  It is DEFINITELY as simple as it sounds and looks.  I made Our G's from some material I got from Sugar Creek Bedding called Gypsy Bandana.  It was a MUST have!!  Here is Our G and her skirt:

After I made G her skirt I wanted to make me one but lacked the fabric.  My GREAT Momma gave me a gift of $20 under one condition; that I buy ME some fabric.  Not G, Not KK, Not J, Not My Love, NO ONE but me.  This was SUPER hard to do.  First of all, I LIVE to make things for my family.  I LOVE to make things for my family.  Add to that the fact that I have never picked out fabric for myself and I was worried.  It WAS hard not to buy for my kids and it DID take me about 30 minutes to decide upon one fabric.  But, eventually, I did.  It looks like colorful grass.  I got it from Joann's and I am unsure of its official name but I have 2 shirts that match it and THAT is the important thing.  I am wearing it this Sunday to church and am VERY excited about it.  Along with VERY thankful to my Momma for making me do something for myself.  Here is a pic of my skirt:

Many more skirts to come.  I am still planning on doing my first tute on a pillow and I am almost finished with Our KK's Peasant Shirt.  Next post will be about my VERY FIRST sale of a dress!!!  YAY!!  Till' then, Stay Inspired!!

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