Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making My Own Custom Crayons w/ Prudent Baby

**This post was typed out back on May 5th.  Spell check would not work then and I refuse to post without using spellcheck first.  I then forgot about this post, finding it today.  This is why it talks about Easter. 

It has been awhile since I posted.  After Easter, I became very busy with making Mother's day gifts and things for Our G and KK.  I have noticed that the better I become at sewing/making things, the busier I become.  My "Things I Want To Make" list is forever long so I should be busy for awhile. 

Anyway, awhile back I saw a tutorial on Prudent Baby about how to make your own custom crayons.  Jamie had made some elephant ones for her daughters birthday party and they were AWESOME!!  In April, they posted some last minute Easter basket ideas and one of the ideas on the list was the custom crayons.  I had decided to make all the goodies for our kids baskets and as always, this post inspired me.  What could be better than custom crayons for our girls?  Especially when Our KK loves ladybugs and I just happen to have a ladybug mold!!  It was also GREAT because my cousins daughter L absolutely LOVES butterflies and I had a mold for one of those too!!

In case you do not know, or haven't heard me say before, Prudent Baby has the BEST tutorials.  They are VERY easy to follow.  So, once again, I followed their step by step instructions and VOILA!!, we had custom crayons for G and KK's Easter basket's.  They LOVED them as did L!!!  YAY!!

The molds I used were part of a silicone cupcake pan I had bought from Avon.  I could never get the cupcakes to come out clean so I decided to use it for my mold.  Even if it was ruined it would be okay.  Here is a pic of the mold I used and a pic of some of my crayons:

Another SUCCESS!!  THANK YOU (again) Prudent Baby!!

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