Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Birthday

This past weekend was a friend's daughter's fifth birthday.  This is the first birthday we have had since I started sewing clothes.  I was SO excited about making the little girl something instead of buying something.  I decided to make her a Simple Skirt just like the ones I had made Our G and myself.  I used some red heart material and it came out very cute.  I also made her some Fabric Bows to go with it.  Both the skirt and the bows were wrapped in pink paper and tied up with a strip of the same fabric.  I also made my very first rosette out of the same fabric and hot glued it to the center of the strip.  Here are some pics:

I forgot my camera at home and forgot to take a pic of the wrapped present/rosette before we left.  My Love did take a pic of it with his phone however, his memory card is "unavailable" at  this time.  I will post the pic of it as soon as he makes it "available" to me. 

PS-Imagine my sheer JOY when the little girl wanted to open our present, the "Flower Present" before all the others!!  She even made her momma cut the flower off and said, "I can save this!!"  YAY!!  SO HAPPY she liked it!!

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