Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Love Needing a Cell Phone Pocket

Every summer we go crabbing.  We end up going between two and four times a month until the beginning of November or when the water gets cooler.  It is a FAMILY fun experience and usually yields two crab boils. 
My Love wears old cutoff shorts since it is HOT and messy.  One pair of his shorts has a cell phone pocket on the side and this comes in VERY handy for making sure he has his phone on him and that it is safe and secure.  He recently got a pair of hand-me-down pants from a relative and turned them into to cut-off shorts.  However, they were lacking in the cell phone pocket department.  He asked if I could create him one and I did!! 
I had recently won some fabric of my choice from Fashionable Fabrics via A Quilting Life!!  I chose Calaveras Skulls on Red by Alexander Henry.  We both LOVED this material and when I got it I started on his pocket.  I cut out the size pocket I needed (including seam allowance) from a piece of denim he had cut off of the pants and covered it with the skull material.  Then, I sewed it all on to his shorts where he wanted the pocket to be.  It came out GREAT and he ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!!  This made me extremely happy mainly because I LOVE making him happy but also because I had done an excellent job in his eyes!!  Now, he has a cell phone pocket and he wants me to put a pocket on ALL his shorts and jeans!!  YAY!!  Here are some pics of him modeling the shorts and the pocket:

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