Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day and the Two WONDERFUL Women In My Life

I am VERY blessed to have a VERY WONDERFUL Momma and Mammaw!!  They mean so VERY much to me and I do not think, no, I KNOW, I could not ask for better then what they are.  I LOVE them for who they are, how GREAT they are, EVERYTHING they do, how much they LOVE my family and I,  and all the GREAT things they have taught me. 
I wanted to do something special for them for Mother's Day.  Something not bought but made.  Something that took more than just my money.  Something that took my time and love and that hopefully, they would cherish!! 
I used some fabric and this template/tute to make them both a card.  Here is what the outside looked like:

On the inside was a message from me.  I suppose I could have done a better job but all in all, I was pleased with how they came out and both my Momma and Mammaw loved them!!

I had seen a tutorial for making your own hanging pin cushions.  I LOVED the idea and thought it would be a GREAT gift idea for my Mammaw.  Not that she needed anymore pic cushions or anything but I thought that she might could hang one at each of her sewing stations in her house and she would always know where a pin cushion with pins was.  I also saw a tute for customizing your own pins.  I thought pearls would be great for my Mammaw since her middle name and Our G's middle name is Pearl but turns out it is cheaper to buy the pins with pearls on them then it is to make them so I just bought them.  Here are the pin cushions I made her with the pins in them:

I wanted to make something else for my Mammaw also but was unsure of what else I could do.  Previously I had gave her some of the potholders I had made and she seemed to really like them so there was an idea but then I saw a tutorial on for last minute Mother's Day gift idea's.  She recommended making dish rags for Mom.  PERFECT!!  So I made her two of them.  I really hope she likes them as much as she seemed to.  Here they are:

That took care of Mammaw.  Next was Momma.  We got her an Hibiscus and a Scarlet Bottlebrush (flower and plant) but she had told me she LOVED homemade stuff and wanted that.  That sounded good to me.  The first thing I made her was a skirt.  Now, my Mammaw had been telling me skirts were UBER easy.  All you had to do was sew two pieces of fabric together, make a waist, a hem and VOILA!!, you had a skirt.  Then I saw a SUPER CUTE ruffle skirt at Craftaholics Anonymous.  The best thing was that she gave a tutorial for it!!  SUPER, SUPER!!  It was as easy as Mammaw had said and the ruffle made it so ADORBS!!  Momma liked it and is currently trying to find a shirt somewhere that will match.  Here is Momma's skirt (and it looks off center because of the way it is laying not because of how it was made):

Momma LOVES pigs and she REALLY liked the potholders also.  I found the CUTEST pig material at our local supercenter so I just HAD to make her a piggy potholder.  It turned out SO CUTE and of course, she LIKED it.  However, she didn't notice the pigs until 2 days after she got it, LOL!!  Here is a pic of her piggy potholder:

The final thing I made her was a print.  I had found a free printable at.......oh goodness, I CANNOT remember where it was at.  Not good at all.  If you read this and I got it from you PLEASE tell me!!  Anyways, it printed out in black and white and I colored it with sharpies.  It came out cute also.  Here it is:  

So, that's what I made for the two MOST WONDERFUL ladies in my life.  My Momma and my Mammaw.  Neither of whom I can ever repay for how AWESOMELY GREAT they have been and continue to be to me!!  I LOVE THEM BOTH SO VERY MUCH!!

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